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13-732Cuetec R360 Inlay Series Cue – 13-732

Cuetec R360 Inlay Series Cue – 13-732
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Cuetec R360 Inlay Series Cue – 13-732


The beauty of Cuetec's R360 cues is only matched by its construction. Its 15 1/2" Pro Tapered shaft is constructed with a tubular composite core surrounded by four computer cut "A Plus" grade Canadian Maple sections to ensure an exact fit, while providing maximum radial consistency ensuring the most accurate cue ball response and control. The composite core inside the shaft controls deflection, squirt, distortion and prevents warpage.

The R360 Cuetec cue features an exclusive Tiger Everest 10 layer red line pigskin tip which grips the chalk better, providing the ultimate cue ball control and consistancy. Its cushioning effect provides the optimum cue ball/cue tip contact time resulting in less vibration and deflection while maximizing cue ball control and accuracy without sacrificing energy. Exquisitely designed with computer cut veneer inlays of exotic hard woods and Abalone shell. The joints are polished stainless steel.


• Tip – 13mm Tiger Everest Tip
• Ferrule – Polycarbonate Ferrule
• Shaft – Canadian Grade A Maple
• Taper – 15.5" Pro
• Joint – 3/8"-10 Stainless Steel
• Forearm – Cnandian Hard Rock Maple
• Inlays – Computer Cut Veneer Exotic Woods/Abalone Shell
• Wrap – Genuine Black Irish Linen
• Butt Plate – Stainless Steel Plate
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