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OB2-18OB2 Shaft – 5/16 X 18

OB2 Shaft – 5/16 X 18
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OB2 Shaft – 5/16 X 18
OB2 Shaft – 5/16 X 18
OB2 Shaft – 5/16 X 18
OB2 Shaft – 5/16 X 18
OB2 Shaft – 5/16 X 18
OB2 Shaft – 5/16 X 18


Reduces Cue Ball Squirt To A Minimum
Less tip end weight equals less squirt. A unique combination of materials keeps the strength high while reducing the weight near the tip. Reduced cue ball squirt means less compensation, which makes you more accurate.

Improves Cue Ball Control
The OB shafts have a good balance between flexibility and stiffness. You get the extra cue ball spin without losing consistency.

Great Radial Uniformity
OB shafts are radially laminated. This means you don't have to rotate the shaft to a mark before every shot because it performs the same in all directions.

Superior Straightness And Stability
Each of the radial sections of the OB shafts consist of thin plies of hard rock maple. These sections are progressively machined to relieve internal stress. This stress-releif machining, multiple plies and radial symmetry result in a cue shaft that is exceptionally warp resistant.

Outstanding "Feel"
In addition to an ideal mix of flexibility and stiffness, the core of the OB-1 shaft is composed of vibration-dampening material. The highly engineered structure with the vibration-dampening core results in exceptional feel.

• 11.75mm tip diameter
• 3/4" Laminated Maple Ferrule
• Special Pro taper
• Everest Tip by Tiger Products

The OB2-18 joint accomodates the following cues:
Action, Adam, Athena, Black, Corsair, Ginacue, Huebler, Judd, Longonia, Lucasi, McWorter, Meucci, Muellers, Players, Southwest, Tad, Viking

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