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314-2-VQRPredator 314-2 Shaft – Viking Quick Release

Predator 314-2 Shaft – Viking Quick Release
Predator 314-2 Shaft – Viking Quick Release
Predator 314-2 Shaft – Viking Quick Release


From Predator: the 314 2nd Generation Shaft.
Predator is changing the game with the second generation of its notorious 314 shaft. With a re-engineered front end for even greater accuracy than the first generation, there's no question the 314-2 will take your game to the next level. But only time will tell how many opponents you take down in the process. If you want high-performance and the feel of a traditional, or professional taper, try the 314-2 shaft.

What are the differences between the 1st and 2nd Generation Shafts?
Front End Technology: The new design is re-engineered to increasingly reduce cue ball deflection, so it's even easier to pocket balls using English.
Tip: The standard tip, Everest®, is multi-layered, enhancing the feel, reducing mushrooming and increasing the life of the tip.
Ferrule: The ferrule material, Titan®, is stronger and more resistant to scratching, chalk stains, and damage. This shorter ferrule improves your cue's performance.
Joint Insert: The joint insert is mounted in a solid core of Phenolic for better surface contact and better insert stability. Phenolic provides increased durability and a more solid feel when you play.

What remains the same with the Predator 314 2nd Generation Shaft?
Ten-piece construction: It eliminates the shaft's grain directionality and increases radial consistency and straightness. The result is that it shoots straighter when english is applied and it makes it easier to get position on your next shot.
Tip Diameter: 12.75 mm
Taper: With its professional taper, the 314-2 shaft is easier to get used to and will help you make more balls and move your cue ball around the table.

The 314-2-VQR joint accomodates the following cues:

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