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RAT8Rat Custom Cue – RAT8

Rat Custom Cue – RAT8
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Rat Custom Cue – RAT8


Purpleheart is used for the forearm and butt sleeve of this handsome cue. Zebrawood provides a pleasing contrast in the joint, handle and butt cap. Cocobolo and dashed rings accent the joint and butt plate, and rings of cocobolo are used above and below the handle.

Each Rat™ cue is 58" long with a 12.5" taper, Mammoth ferrule and 13mm laminated boar's hide tip. It has wood-to-wood piloted joints with a 3/8 x 10 stainless steel pin into a brass insert. Available in 18-21 oz.


• Tip – 13mm Laminated Boar's Hide Tip
• Ferrule – Mammoth Ferrule
• Shaft – 29" Hard Rock Maple
• Taper – 12.5" Pro Taper
• Joint – 3/8 x 10 Wood-to-Wood
• Forearm – Purpleheart Maple
• Butt Sleeve – Purpleheart Maple
• Stain – Colonial Brown Stained
• Rings – Cocobolo & Dashed Rings
• Wrap – Zebrawood
• Butt Plate – Black Phenolic
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Changing your ferrule requires a new tip. If you order a ferrule change and no tip is chosen then the standard tip for that cue will be applied.
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