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STK55Stroker Original Series Cue – STK55

Stroker Original Series Cue – STK55
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Stroker Original Series Cue – STK55


Stroker Pool Cues feature transfers that are so hard to distinguish from inlays the details in them will amaze you. The transfers simulate inlays of exotic woods, turquoise, ivory, pearlite and more. They look like the real thing! Dual silver rings accent the joint and butt sleeve of the cues, as well as above and below the wrap.

The shaft is constructed of solid Canadian maple with a 13mm Le Pro tip and polycarbonate ferrule. It measures 58" long with a stainless steel joint and 5/16-18 pin. The wrap is black Irish linen with white specks. Available in 18-21 oz.


• Tip – 13mm LePro Tip
• Ferrule – Polycarbonate Ferrule
• Shaft – 29" Canadian Hard Rock Maple
• Taper – 10" Pro Taper
• Joint – 5/16"-18
• Forearm – Canadian Maple w/ Ivory & Rosewood Colored Overlays
• Butt Sleeve – Canadian Maple w/ Ivory & Rosewood Colored Overlays
• Wrap – Genuine Black w/ White Speck Irish Linen
• Butt Plate – Cream Colored Polymer
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