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TXU-ULTiger X Ultra Shaft – Uniloc

Tiger X Ultra Shaft – Uniloc
Tiger X Ultra Shaft – Uniloc
Tiger X Ultra Shaft – Uniloc


The Tiger X® Ultra Laminated Shaft is 29" long with a 15.5" pro taper, a Saber-T® ferrule and a 12.75 mm Sniper tip with new red fiber backing. For questions about which shaft is right for your cue, or about a custom shaft for your cue, call us at 800-627-8888.

New On Tiger X Ultra Shafts!
New Phenolic Inserts
All shafts (excluding Uni-Loc®) now include phenolic inserts for a better feel and a smoother, solid hit.
• Threaded ferrules and ringwork
• UV finish
• Red fiber-backed Sniper tip
• Consistent 15.5" taper

Sniper Tip Technology
All objects revolve around the solid-centered Tiger shaft at the time of impact, allowing the fullest of impact travel response.

Design Technology
Tiger’s new Saber-T® ferrules are stronger than the competition. Tiger’s patented center design adds a more solid hit than any other shaft on the market. Tiger guarantees their ferrules for life against cracking.

Ferrule Technology
Tiger ferrules minimize tip end weight induced deflection. Far more accurate than conventional ferrules, Tiger ferrules give unmatched control for maximum spin and draw.

Lamination Technology
Tiger X® Shaft Cross Grain Lamination Technology is unmatched in providing shaft flex consistency without sacrificing a solid hit and great feel. Accuracy is increased tremendously, giving you the confidence that the cue ball is going where you want it to.

The TXU-UL joint accomodates the following cues:
Dale Perry, Dishaw, Drexler, Falcon, Fury, Joss West, Lucasi, McDermott, Predator, Samsara, Zyler

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