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STKE-BRStroker Essential Series Cue – STKE-BR

Stroker Essential Series Cue – STKE-BR
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Stroker Essential Series Cue – STKE-BR


The Stroker Essential series is the perfect way to get into a straight maple cue at a great price. The Canadian maple pro-tapered shaft, 13mm polycarbonate ferrule with Le Pro tip, Irish linen wrap, and a 5/16 x 18 steel joint combine to create a reliable stick without the flash. Available 18-21 oz.


• Tip – 13mm LePro Tip
• Ferrule – Polycarbonate Ferrule
• Shaft – 29" Canadian Hard Rock Maple
• Taper – 10" Pro Taper
• Joint – 5/16"-18
• Forearm – Canadian Maple
• Butt Sleeve – Canadian Maple
• Stain – Walnut Brown Stain
• Wrap – Genuine Black w/ White Speck Irish Linen
• Butt Plate – Black Colored Polymer
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