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About Us

Welcome to Mueller's Billiard & Dart Supplies

With our 45,000 square feet of office, manufacturing and warehouse space, Mueller Recreational Products is the largest billiard and dart mail order company in the USA. We've been selling direct to the public since 1955.

We also have retail stores located in Clive, IA, and Lincoln, NE.

We feature our own custom cue shop, wood shop, molding shop, warehouse/shipping department and sales department. Having these different manufacturing capabilities under our roof allows Mueller Recreational Products to maintain high standards of workmanship on the products we sell. This allows the customer to buy from the manufacturer and receive the best possible price.

Wood Shop
Our wood working department manufactures oak floor and wall racks, dart board cabinets and much, much more. We are able to completely restore or re-manufacture new pool table rails for virtually every pool table, new and old alike. Many of the nation’s antique pool table restorers send us their antique rails to refurbish, because they know, with our equipment and experienced craftsmen, we are able to produce the highest level of quality work. People from all over the country send us their rails to be restored for this very reason.

Custom Cue Shop
Our custom cue shop manufactures two lines of cues, the Downey and Rat cues. Each cue is made meticulously with the utmost attention to detail. Not only do we make the cues, we also make each and every intricate inlay that goes into our cues as well. Unlike many cues on the market today, our cues are not mass produced. We have a waiting list on most of our designs. We can also create a custom cue designed by the customer — a one-of-a-kind.

Offering two experienced cue makers, we're able to repair any item on any cue. Our cue repair department receives cues from all over the world to be repaired due to our high standards and reputation as the premier cue repair center in the United States. Mueller Recreation is also an authorized factory repair center for Predator and Meucci pool cues.

Molding Shop
In our molding shop, we strive for heavier-duty plastic products. Our plastic triangles, ball trays, dart tips, foosball supplies, cue holders and dart cases are just a few of the 120 different items that we mold. We are able to oversee the plastic compounds to obtain the highest quality structured plastic product.

Warehouse & Shipping
Today, our over 8,000 products can be found in our 228-page color catalog and online at What’s nice is that you can call our company and talk to a live person, not someone selling out of their basement or shed. We've been in business since 1955 and are a hands-on company. We oversee every aspect of our business, from finding or manufacturing the merchandise at the most affordable price, stocking our inventory onsite, taking your order and shipping it out, all under our own roof.

Each order that ships out of our warehouse is verified three times. Once when its picked, once at the verifying station and once more before it’s put on the pallet to leave. Order taking, stocking and shipping everything from our location ensures your order will be processed right the first time.

Our Team
If we had to pick one thing that separates Mueller Recreation from our competitors, however, it would be our team members. We’ve had the good fortune to have the very best people for all of the different departments and services we provide. Without the hard work and dedication of all of our team members, Mueller's would not be what it is today.

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